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If you follow the cryptocurrency sector, then you would have been impressed by the journey so far, considering the market only came into existence a decade ago. Within that period, cryptocurrencies have generated better ROI than any other asset class. Bitcoin, as the leader of the crypto space, was launched in 2009, trading initially at a value of below a dollar. By the end of 2017, BTC had reached its peak price of $20,000. This massive increase in value made many people very wealthy and it also grabbed the attention of the investment community. As a result, a rising number of traders are entering the market to earn their profits.

Over the past few years, cryptos have evolved to not only serve as stores of value but to become valuable financial assets. The prices of cryptocurrencies have been pressured by supply and demand metrics, creating volatility in the prices of these digital assets. Cryptos have maintained their volatility, with swinging prices in both directions experienced daily. Due to the volatility, numerous lucrative opportunities arise within the crypto market, however, there are still the risks associated with online trading.

Crypto Genius software was created to solve this problem.

Crypto Genius is an intuitive software that scans the financial markets for lucrative intraday trading opportunities, and it uses top technologies and strategies to profit from these opportunities. Crypto Genius is a fully automated software that searches for profitable trading ventures in the crypto market 24/7. To achieve this, it uses the top fundamental, technical and sentimental analyses to generate profitable trading signals. Crypto Genius also uses AI to continuously learn and be updated about the fast-changing cryptocurrency market. The 0.01 seconds time leap of the Crypto Genius software also gives it an advantage in this fast and dynamic market. It also has a VPS functionality that ensures that trades are executed on time, and problems like technical difficulties, do not hinder the trading results. Traders that want to earn daily cryptocurrency profits, should trade with the Crypto Genius software.


Crypto Genius TEAM

Crypto Genius is handled by an exceptionally well-trained and educated team of professionals. The team of expert traders and highly-trained software developers came together to develop the Crypto Genius software. By creating one of the most accurate trading applications, the Crypto Genius team has made it easier for anyone to enter the cryptocurrency market and earn a massive profit. The team combined decades of experience and deep understanding of the financial markets and technology to create software that continues to change the lives of many traders all over the world.
You can start your journey towards financial freedom by getting a free account with the Crypto Genius platform today.

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